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Translation management, now faster and more efficient
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A custom business solution for your translation enterprise

Do you wish to centralise and automatise your enterprise´s job processes? With Lingonaut, you have just the perfect work flow for this. Individual configuration - even in your Corporate Design. Easy to integrate and expand. Offers interfaces with CAT, SDL Studio and DATEV,

Professional project management with constant overview

Lingonaut frees you from administrative work - from offer calculation to package delegation, and even accounting. This way, you´ll be able to handle several projects at a time with a constant overview.

Faster reaction. Automatically.

Lingonaut knows your translators´ qualifications and knowledge and will pick them in view of their competence and availability. Your clients will thus get back the best possible result in the shortest possible time.

Less effort. More business.

Lingonaut preserves your resources and reduces the time spent on administrative tasks to a minimum. Aside from managing your projects, it will also take on the entirety of the back office operations. This is a must for enterprises that wish to be competitive.

Simplify your Business

Lingonaut is a web-based business solution which increases both the efficiency and rapidity of your translation management. Professional translation agencies and language services can´t pass up on it.


Let Lingonaut do the work for you

Live offer calculation

Automatic analysis (word count, characters, numbers, matches, repetitions) function for the manual calculation of non-analysable files and texts Processing of an array of data types Optional discount system Automatic calculation of delivery time Immediate price information

Clever order management

Selection and attribution of suited translators from the data pool (ranking, qualifications, expertise domains, price, availability) Automatic creation of a translation package including client terminology Optional: Editing, proofreading, DTP Communication is possible between all parties during the whole process Comment function for clients and translators

Delivery management overview

Order state visible Delivery and data download in the portal Systematic archiving

Direct invoice management

Automatic invoicing in several currencies (euro, US dollar, pound... and more), can be manually corrected or cancelled Automatic creation and notification of customer invoice Automatic creation of credit notes for the supplier

Office management via API interface

Automatic accounting via a DATEV interface File safety through encrypted connections Paperless bookkeeping Digital management of all accounting processes