Lingonaut will be installed with your logo and colour scheme.

€900* one-time payment

Training (optional)

The system is built in an intuitive way. A training is not absolutely necessary. If need be, we can still perform it at your express demand.

€900* one-time payment


A base rate is to be paid monthly for its use.

€300* / month

This encompasses: the software’s installation, the environment, data security, relevant updates, and support.

The base rate includes 20 free-of-charge orders per month during the first year.

The order volume is calculated as follows:
1 to 200 with €2* / order
201 to 500 with €1.50* / order
from 501 on with €1.00* / order


Lingonaut needs an SDL license for Studio 2017 to work. You can provide an already existing license, get it yourself from SDL, or commission us to do so. The license’s price currently is of about €2,000*.

Since Lingonaut has no user limit, this license can be used by anyone on the LSP’s end. Translators however need to have their own license to be able to work on the orders.

*All prices are to be understood as net prices.